Educate Yourself about Eczema by Talking to your Pharmacist!

Summer can be especially hard on parents! Not only do you have to constantly come up with new ideas that will hold your school-free kids’ attention, you also have to deal with issues like the eczema rashes. If you were planning a vacation, then the rash could put the kibosh on it. After all, the rash might end up in places where it can’t be covered up, such as their faces.

So what do you do? Do you resign yourself to months spent at home with grumpy, itchy children?

Not at all! You can nip eczema in the bud by following these prevention tips:

1. Get your kids to stay in during the day time as you can without having to tie them up! Time spent outside between 10 am to 2 pm is when the sun is at its most intense. 

2. When they get too antsy, let them go out. But pack bottles of cold water for your kids to take with them when they go outside. Instruct them to sip from it as often as they can.

3. Ask them to find a shaded area if they will be spending a lot of time out in the sun.

4. Slather some sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide on your kids, so they would be safe from UV exposure. 

Just keep in mind that sunscreen might not suit everybody. Do talk to one of our pharmacists and they will recommend a suitable sunscreen.

5. Your kids will want to spend some time – or all day – in the pool, if one is present in the vicinity. If you can’t keep them away from it, then you will have to take preventive measures. Since all pools are chlorinated and chlorine could cause a rash, you’d need to get the kids to wash thoroughly after a swim. Hand them a gentle soap that won’t irritate their skin further. 

6. Preventive measures are good but you will also need to do some post-swim skin protection. After they step out of the bath, have your kids apply moisturizer all over. 

Even with all the preventive measures, one or more kids could break out in a rash. Don’t let eczema ruin their summer and yours. We advise visiting us at Delco Drugs. Based on the skin type, our expert pharmacists will whip up a batch of customize specialized creams for you or your kid. Remember, no two eczema issues are the same. That is why we insist that you only entrust your skincare to a Delco pharmacist. We use high quality ingredients, top of the line equipment, and scientifically proven and clinically tested formulae for all our creams. Delco guaranteed results because we compound the eczema-curing creams with ingredients specifically chosen to best treat your or your kid’s eczema. If you’d prefer to call, then dial (866) 984-6600 to a pharmacist today! 

Why Compounding Medicine For Elders, Children and Animals May Be a Better Alternative

Pharmaceutical compounding isn’t a new concept. However, we might have forgotten just how useful this source of medication can be. What might seem like a combination of art and science to you is used by expert pharmacists to create unique medications for patients.

By unique- we mean that especially trained pharmacist will mix together ingredients to formulate medications based on a physician’s prescription. But the outcome would be a drug that has been tailored to that individual patient. It can be quite useful in many ways.

Here are some benefits ofcompounding medicine:

Compounding PharmacistsProduce Allergy-Friendly Medication

A patient who is allergic to mostmedications available in the market due to an ingredient commonly found in themmight find it hard to fill a prescription.

Common allergens found incommercially produced ingredients include:

´       Sugar

´       Lactose

´       Gluten

´       Preservatives

´       Dyes

A compounding pharmacist couldproduce batches of personalized medication. These would have been formulated tohave their healing abilities minus the allergens.

Compound Pharmacies AlsoProvide Access to Discontinued Medications

Compounding pharmacists can cometo your rescue when you are looking for products that have been discontinued bythe manufacturers and newer or similar agents do not work as well for yourcircumstances Compounding pharmacists can recreate the drugs usingpharmaceutically-approved ingredients. After all, they have access to thehighest quality of ingredients, as well as, the latest research.

Compound Medication Makes itEasier to Use and Take

We aren’t at our best whenever we fall sick. This is especially true in the case of the elderly, children, and pets. Getting them to take unpleasant-tasting medications can complicate matters. However, without these medications, they won’t be healing as fast.When you buy these medications from a compounding pharmacy, it can make things easier on you as well as the patient! Just let them know which flavors your loved one prefers and they will ensure the prescribed medication tastes more palatable.

Delco Drugs is your one-stop shop for compounded medicines foryour loved ones – whether they are the two- or four-legged variety! We know illness can be a source of concern for you and aim to make things easier through compounded medications. Visit us to buy only the medicine you need,instead of spending money on products you won’t use! Call us at (866) 984-6600,or drop by for a visit. We are located at 3833 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10312.