Biotic Silver 8 oz

Biotic Silver 8 oz

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Biotic Silver is a very powerful natural antibiotic-antifungal solution that is made in a unique organic mineral solution that contains over 70 trace minerals that help to carry the silver into the system while aiding in assimilation.

Biotic Silver is the most advanced form of “Ionized Silver” available today for the therapeutic purpose of fighting infection. Its superior effect comes from a special scientific process that allows the silver to reach negative microorganisms quickly and destroy them. Once the “Ionized Silver” has accomplished its purpose it is removed from the body with no toxic accumulation or side effects. Biotic Silver is truly a unique product that is 100% ionized for effectiveness, purity, safety, energy output, potency and total body response.

Biotic silver is an excellent product to help strengthen the immune system and to fight against colds, flu, bacteria, viruses, fungal infections and parasites

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