Maximum Spectrum Enzym-Complete/DPP-IV™ Fruit Free w/Isogest® 120 caps

Maximum Spectrum Enzym-Complete/DPP-IV™ Fruit Free w/Isogest® 120 caps

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Product Description

Provides a comprehensive range of digestive enzymes along with isomaltase/palatinase activity. Free of common allergens. Gluten and casein free. Capsules are plant based. Ultra Tested®.

Kirkman’s Maximum Spectrum Enzym-Complete/DPP-IV™ Fruit Free w/Isogest® capsules are free of fruit derived enzymes, such as bromelain, kiwi and papaya that can occasionally cause issues for some sensitive individuals.

This product differs from Kirkman’s EnZym-Complete/DPP-IV™ II with Isogest® by including additional disaccharidase enzyme activity to more completely break down complex disaccharides and carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches, to the monosaccharides glucose and fructose.

Like EnZym-Complete/DPP-IV™ II with Isogest®, it is a comprehensive multiple enzyme formulation that acts on all food groups. In addition to the carbohydrase enzymes, it contains proteases, peptidases, lipase, cellulase, phytase and amylases for complete digestive support.

Disaccharidase enzymes in the product with increased concentrations include: lactase for additional lactose digestion; alpha-galactosidase for additional maltose digestion; glucoamylase for polysaccharide and starch digestion; and Isogest®, Kirkman’s exclusive specialty enzyme for addressing isomaltase insufficiency and carbohydrate digestion.

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